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Rehabbr Construction Management System

3 Chapters 13 Lessons

Course Overview

Implement a construction management system that works FOR your rehabbing business and put and end to unpredictable results and unpredictable profits.



Inspecting Homes Like A Pro 5 Lessons

Resources For Chapter 1

In this first chapter, we will discuss how to conduct your initial inspection on a property. Download the resources needed to complete this chapter here.

Introductions & Exterior Inspections

Join professional house flipper, Craig Smith, as he guides you through things to look for when inspecting the exterior of your next rehab project.

Interior Inspection - Part I

Craig gives us pointers on where to begin your interior inspection. Using your property inspection checklist, begin your inspection at the lowest point of the house and move up.

Interior Inspection – Part II

Craig dives deeper into interior inspections with fantastic tips for both the experienced and beginner house flipper.

Inspection Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

Wrap up your property inspection with more insights from Craig and get some final thoughts on this important step.


What Things Cost 6 Lessons

Introductions and Cleanout Costs

In this lesson, we'll take a peek at cleanout costs on a house that Craig originally purchased as a rental property and then converted to a retail sales opportunity. 

Exterior Repair and Interior Flooring Costs

Hard costs for exterior repairs and landscaping, as well as interior flooring expenses for a house that needed all new flooring. Keep in mind that your costs may vary depending upon which part of the United States you live in. Check with local suppliers. 

Kitchens and Baths

We've all heard the saying that kitchens and baths sell houses. It is as true today as it has ever been. In this lesson, Craig will cover what his standard kitchen and bath packages look like and what those costs might look like for you.

Paint and Finish Work

A lot of investors underestimate the costs of painting a house and completing all of the finish work required to make the house sparkle. Not to worry! Craig is going to show you the items to look for when it comes time to get these things done.

Mechanicals and Wrapping Up

Let's take a final look at costs for mechanicals. These costs will vary according to where you live. Then, let's wrap this chapter up.


Building The Project Binder 2 Lessons

Putting It All Together

This is where the rubber meets the road. In this lesson, we're going to take everything that we've learned in the previous two chapters and finally put pen to paper. Once you have inspected the property, documented the needed repairs and put a dollar amount to those repairs, now you get to build out your scopes of work so that you can now begin shopping for the best contractors or subcontractors and get your rehab project underway.


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