Subject-To Investing

Marketing For Subject-To Deals

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Course Overview

Learn the latest in offline and online marketing strategies, the best lists to build for finding subject-to deals, and the best type of marketing required to maximize returns on ad spend. HUGE Bonus inside!  


3 Chapters

Offline Marketing

Proper sequencing for direct mail can become confusing and overwhelming if you let it, so keep it basic. General rules like: Don’t do this yourself (outsource it), mail every week, mail the same list every two months and track results in campaign reports are golden rules to live by.

Before You Dive In 1 Lesson

Setting The Stage For Success

Before you dive into these marketing lessons, let's establish walk through some of the ins-and-outs of the follow lessons.

Direct Mail 10 Lessons

Absentee Owners List

The most popular and most mailed list in all of real estate investing. The competition is high with this list, but there is a reason it made into this course. After all of these years mailing this list, we still have success with it. We'll show you exactly why we are so successful with this list.

Bankruptcy List

Nothing spells motivation the B-A-N-K-R-U-T-C-Y. Let's take a look at the criteria for building the perfect bankruptcy list.

Divorce List

At Sub2 Empire, we have bought more homes Subject-To off of this list than any other list that we mail. In this lesson we'll show you our exact criteria for building this list.

Evictions List

An excellent list to target. The pain of having to go through eviction court is enough to drive any investor mad. Mad enough to want to sell and even get out of the business altogether. We have bought packages of houses from this very list.


Probates are our favorite list to mail. Find out why we love them so much and precisely how to build the perfect Probate direct mail list.

Liens List

A largely underutilized and untargeted list, the Liens List is a fantastic list to mail when it's built correctly. In this lesson, we show you the exact criteria to include in your Liens List search criteria. 

Out of State Owners List

Out of state owners have a special kind of motivation to sell when things get tough in the real estate market. We're going to show you the triggers to look for when building and mailing this list.

Poor Credit List

This is a specialized "niche list" that we build to "stack" against other lists as another level of motivation. Find out where to get this list, how to build it and how to add it to any current list to increase your chances of finding the pain points in a motivated sellers psyche. 

Preforeclosure List

Get a constant flow of motivated sellers calling you to take their house! You do not want to pass up mailing this list despite heavy competition. We'll show you how to get to these sellers before your competition even has an opportunity to see them.

The Quitclaim List

We call this our "catch-all"list. Quitclaim deeds are recorded every day across the country for a number of reasons. Join us in this lesson and let us show you why we mail this fantastic list.

Other Offline Marketing Ideas 5 Lessons

Converting Dead Leads Into Dollar Signs

You have motivated seller leads right now. You just don't know it yet. In this lesson, we talk about a free approach to converting otherwise dead leads into subject-to deals. 

Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are one of the most economical methods to market for motivated sellers. They are truly one of those tried and tested methods that have always been effective.

Quasi Bandit Signs

Want to add some credibility to bandit signs? These bandit signs have staying power because they look like "paid" advertisements. 

Rolling Bandit Signs

Build an army of faithful advertisers by using the real estate on the rear window of their car to drive leads to your business. You will be taking calls for years from motivated sellers with this "mobile" solution.

Real Estate Agents

Many investors think that adding a real estate agent into the mix is only going to complicate things. We're going to show you how to buy deals from real estate agents while getting them paid and making a great profit at the same time. 

1 Chapter

Online Marketing

Are you ready to go digital? In this module, we up the ante and show you the latest in online marketing and advertising for your real estate investing business.

Google Ads 5 Lessons

Introduction to Google Ads Mastery

The quality of these leads is unsurpassed. Learn the secrets about how to build an effective Google Ads campaign that no one else in your market is privy to.

Step 1 – Creating Your New Google Ads Account

Let's dive right in and get your new Google Ads Account created. 

Step 2 – Building Your Google Ads Campaign

Step by step instruction on the fastest and most effective way to build your new Google Ads campaign.

Step 3 – Optimizing Your Google Ads

Let's take your new Google Ads to the next level. In this lesson, I'll show you how to dominate the available space on page one of the Google Search Network.

Step 4 – Maintaining Your Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads campaigns are not "set it and forget it". This is in-depth instruction on how to maintain and grow your new Google Ads campaign with minimal effort.


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